No more struggles

Yes. I was kind of wasting a lot of time. So stop it.

It is impossible for me to learn Unity in 4 weeks and finish a game. So I changed to TWINE which seems to be a little easier because I want to finish a playable game, NOT a showing only demo, which is totally fine as long as this is something I really want.

It could be hard for a purely text-based game being interesting and creative but I have to try.



Getting clear what I am tring to do

After talked with Chris yesterday, I am kind of figuring out what I need to do but still not sure how to do it.

It is a game which focuses on a story. But the point is, the really important thing of this game is not what the story is but the way how to show it, just using text or you could say words instead of using pictures.

I learnt a new word:typography! You could see the story beyond the words.


Fungus and Typo mesh pro could be helpful.

But there are still some questions, like: The words is showing slowly one by one or just pump out like a background image? If it is showing one by one, is that an animation? Do I need to draw every frame of this? Do I have to use words to tell a story or just put words together to show an image? Do I have to design many kinds of fronts?Really?

Before my sleeping

During the shower, I was thinking the game prototype that Alia made for me in the i illusion of life class. Player just a normal person who goes to school everyday and something interesting happens on his way.

Maybe I could make a tutorial game for people who comes to Melbourne for the first time. I already took a lot of photos of Melbourne city everywhere!

Ready for the one day trip of CBD in Melbourne?

Where do you want to start?

PS who said the first idea wouldn’t be the right one? I think this is good.

PS typing on the phone is painful.


Since I didn’t want to create something beautiful or fantastic with images or animations, Kate helped me with some ideas about text-based games.

  • words puzzle game: player type words base on the hints of the game.
  • words RPG: player experiences world with just texts or dialogues, sounds not images.  Eat Cow To Live
    Small game but has parameters, background story and choices/results.

    BUT, like one review of this game said ‘ there’s simply nothing of substance in here’ I wouldn’t say this is not fun but I really don’t want my game just SUBSTANCE: you play 5 or 10 times, you know which path you should go.

  • Map game: Melbourne 1945  This is not a game but something interesting.

Those reminded me one of the game in my phone: Sorcery! A lot of parts of this series of games are words.  Some of the parts are fighting and adventure. Even in the fighting, words are important.


Another one is word cookies which I played for learning English:


Other references to the text game:



Sum up some key rules of my game:


include random elements make the game replayable

limited session/game length: control by time/round/other resources

Lesson 3-6


Sept 3 was fine. But after animated the bird, the bird script didn’t work. I tried:

  • delete the animation ×
  • delete the script and rewrite it ×
  • delete the script rewrite it and redo the animation ×

Have no idea what is wrong …