Getting clear what I am tring to do

After talked with Chris yesterday, I am kind of figuring out what I need to do but still not sure how to do it.

It is a game which focuses on a story. But the point is, the really important thing of this game is not what the story is but the way how to show it, just using text or you could say words instead of using pictures.

I learnt a new word:typography! You could see the story beyond the words.


Fungus and Typo mesh pro could be helpful.

But there are still some questions, like: The words is showing slowly one by one or just pump out like a background image? If it is showing one by one, is that an animation? Do I need to draw every frame of this? Do I have to use words to tell a story or just put words together to show an image? Do I have to design many kinds of fronts?Really?


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